Metabolic diseases-related small molecule libraries are designed to simplify the very difficult task of identification and development of successful small molecule drugs. Complexity of identified targets, need for more targets, high level toxicity and ADME requirements associated with this area of research are what catalyze ChemDiv’s involvement in Metabolic diseases. Several comprehensive approaches have been employed for the design, synthesis and selection of proposed compound libraries: development of peptidomimetics, analysis of a specific disease’s “targetscape” and selection of appropriate prototypes for virtual screening exercise, neural networks scaffolds sorting, and others. With new small molecule libraries, ChemDiv offers excellent chemical starting points for discovery applications and follow-up development. ChemDiv is constantly updating its chemical libraries and biological assays for metabolic diseases. The following are examples of capabilities:

Small Molecule Library List:

  • AcetylCo library
  • Alpha2-Adrenoceptor Antagonists
  • Arginine Kinase library
  • Bradykinin library
  • CB1/2 library
  • Cl- channels library
  • FSH agonists library
  • Glucokinase activators library
  • Na+ channels library
  • nAChR library
  • Phosphatases library
  • Purinergic library
  • RAR library
  • Secretase library
  • Steroids/steroid-like library
  • Transporter inhibitors library
  • GPCRs agonists/antagonists (FLIPR-based technology, LANCE cAMPAssay-PerkinElmer)
  • Kinase assays (ADP Hunter, ELISA)
  • Enzyme

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Metabolic in vivo models ChemDiv offers a variety of obesity/diabetes animal models in mice (SHK, ob/ob) and rats (Wistar, Insulin-Resistant Obese Fa/Fa Zucker). Optionally, glucose, insulin, c-peptide, triglycerides and cholesterol blood plasma levels can be measured on the last day of treatment.

  • Appetite in fasted animals
  • Acute treatment model
  • 7-day treatment model
  • Feeding monitor
  • Drinking monitor
  • Diet-induced obesity

7 day and 28 day treatment
Genetic-induced obesity

7, 14 and 28 day treatment
Sucrose-induced obesity

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