Androgen Receptor Antagonists Library

Due to the central role it plays in the cellular biology of prostate cancer, androgen receptor (AR) is an important therapeutic target for fighting this tumor, and AR signaling suppression is a common strategy for treating prostate cancer. There are only a few non-steroid small molecule AR antagonists on the market, but the life sciences industry demonstrates a growing interest in this area.

Three AR antagonists have been launched in the last few years, namely: Enzalutamide (Astellas, Pfizer, 2012), Apalutamide (Johnson & Johnson, 2018), and Darolutamide (Bayer, 2019), and nine drugs are currently in Phases I-III of clinical trials.

Following this trend and addressing a need to create a high-quality chemistry set for targeting androgen receptor, ChemDiv has rationally designed and synthesized over 4,300-member library of AR antagonists.

Androgen Receptor Antagonists Library

4,300 Compounds

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