Anti-Aging Library

Recent scientific advances in system biology revealed new cellular pathways related to aging.
• New biological targets and small molecules with annotated mechanisms of actions were validated in various recently disclosed screening campaigns.
• Historically known anti-aging chemotypes were enriched with rationally selected structurally similar analogs.
• Novel chemotypes were identified through selection of known hits to specific biological targets as well as based on structural motifs and physico-chemical properties desirable for specific mechanisms of actions.

Anti-Aging Library

Target Identification, Phenotypic Screening Library.
Methodology and machine learning knowledge
Examples of pathways – caloric restriction, oxidative stress regulation, sirtuins regulation, epigenetic modification, dopaminergic projections
• Examples of biological targets – TOR1, SCH9, GCN2, 8002, SIRT1, VEGF, ALOX5, PDE3, PDE7, HTR, CDK1, KCNK1, Serine proteases
• Examples of structural chemotypes – antioxidants, flavonoids, quinoids, tetracycline antibiotics, radical traps, adrenergic compounds

50,000 Compounds

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