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7,801 compounds
Set of small-molecule compounds that can target cysteine proteases and be used in drug development for cancer, viral, infections treatment.
31,972 compounds
Serine Proteases Inhibitors Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that target serine proteases and can be used in anticancer drug discovery.
19,626 compounds
Adenosine Receptors Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule ligands. They can be used for treating neurodegeneration diseases.
26,421 compounds
Ion Channels Focused Library is small-molecule compounds selected for modulating ion channels proteins. They are therapeutic targets of CNS diseases.
4,550 compounds
Autophagy-Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule modulators for the regulation of autophagy.
2,016 compounds
Arginase Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule compounds against arginase. This enzyme is implicated in cancer immunosuppression and tumor growth.
3,271 compounds
Purinergic Library is a set of purinergic receptor antagonists. Such antagonists are used for thrombosis and stroke treatment.
4,805 compounds
MEF2-HDAC (class II) Modulators Library is a set of drug-like compounds aimed at modulating PPI of MEF2 with HDAC involved in physiological processes.
22,203 compounds
Cardiovascular Library is a set of small-molecule compounds with vast target space for cardiovascular disease drug discovery.
498 compounds
Steroid-like compounds library is steroid-based molecules that regulate biological function. These synthetic steroids can treat inflammation.
23,032 compounds
Regenerative Medicine Focused Library is a chemical space that includes promoters of regeneration. They help to repair diseased organs or tissues.
4,462 compounds
BRD4 Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that inhibit transcriptional and epigenetic regulator - BRD4.
9,149 compounds
Lipid Metabolism Library is a set of small-molecule modulators of proteins involved in lipid metabolism.
22,214 compounds
Macl-GPIb alpha set targets leukocyte-platelet interaction. This leads to an antithrombotic effect.


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