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Protein Kinases Inhibitors library 5000

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Protein kinase is a group of enzymes that catalyze the transfer of phosphate groups to specific proteins, a process known as phosphorylation. This phosphorylation typically induces a functional transformation in the target protein or substrate, modifying enzyme activity, cellular localization, or interactions with other proteins.

Protein kinases are the promising targets for drug discovery due to their critical involvement in multiple cellular processes and signaling pathways. Dysregulation of kinase activity is often linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders, making them key targets for therapeutic intervention. The development of kinase inhibitors has been a major focus in pharmacology, aiming to selectively inhibit overactive kinases involved in disease states.

Inhibitors of protein kinase are considered valuable drug prototypes, often referred to as 'hit molecules', in the early stages of drug development. These inhibitors are designed to bind to kinases, blocking their activity and thereby interrupting aberrant signaling pathways. The crucial properties of the protein kinase inhibiting lead molecules are target specificity and potency; therefore, substantial research is required to optimize hit molecules and develop targeted therapeutics with minimal side effects. Many current successful cancer drugs are kinase inhibitors, showcasing their potential in treating complex diseases.

Our extended library of diverse protein kinase inhibitors provides a starting point for multiple drug discovery and development strategies.
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