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Preplated diverse 500K layered set

Preferred format:
Desirable size of the custom library selection:
  • Mg
  • uMol

Modern drug discovery is a complex and risky endeavor. Therefore the related projects are required to be as lean and as fast as possible to enable for prompt feedback. In addition the ability to arrange the entire process into successive iterations is highly desirable. At the same time, both diverse and high quality (MedChem friendly) compounds are at the heart of contemporary virtual and “wet” laboratory screening.

            To address the above key needs ChemDiv provides a set of compounds for screening, which:

1.      cover the MedChem space of ChemDiv compounds*;

2.      are diverse;

3.      pre-organized in layered (tiered) structure enabling for iterative expansion of the studied molecule space, with the very first layer covering essential chemical space;

4.     are already preplated to ensure rapid shipment.

Start your project with a few essential tiers with a capability to expand screening space by compounds of the successive tiers!

* Entire ChemDiv’s collection is about 1.6M compounds

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