Chemistry On Demand ™

platform offers access to ca. 15,000 heterocycles scaffolds that were used to generate1.5 M stock available compounds. In addition, our Company keeps developing new lead-like chemistries to yield an estimated 500 new templates every year. Our customers are invited to evaluate both ‘historic’ and new synthetic developments in order to select unique chemical space and preferred intellectual property (IP) mode (Template(TM) mode).

Validated chemistries can be further amended to meet your specific targeted or diverse needs in drug discovery. Both key intermediates and building blocks used in the syntheses are available as well.

Several key selection criteria for template/library production include:

IP status:

  • Beilstein score
  • SciFinder score
  • Patentability
  • Privileged structure search, literature annotation

Drug-/lead-like properties, Target/Pathway-Based Design :

  • Target/interaction, pathway, cellular process relevance
  • Solubility, MW, cLogP/D, tPSA, HBA, HBD, Fsp3, 20 add’l parameters
  • Diversity considerations (various models available)
  • Assay feasibility
  • For selected compounds biological annotation in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo (‘Targeted Diversity'(TM) concept)
  • Ligand Efficiency
  • Customized parameters: ex., specific protein-protein interaction(s), allosterism, topology/charge distribution (spiro heterocycles, medium- and large-size rings, macrolide mimetics)

Chemistry Consideration:

  • Proven synthetic feasibility
  • Bioisosteric morphing
  • Natural-like, amino acid- and peptidomimetics
  • ADMETox parameters optimization

Our approach to chemistry services could be further customized to meet specific needs of your organization starting with diverse sets and finishing with selections that modulate specific cellular processes (ex., autophagy, endocytosis, receptor recycling). We work equally well with well-defined targets and pathways as well as with compounds that affect phenotypic change(s).

Please contact our team at chemdiv@chemdiv.com to discuss your specific needs and application.

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