ChemDiv, a fully Integrated Target-to-Clinic Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in San Diego, CA USA,

has been a pioneer in discovery libraries since 1991. Its first diverse heterocyclic compounds collection was compiled from academic lab sources from all over the world, and ChemDiv subsequently successfully launched its own large-scale library synthesis program.

ChemDiv is now the recognized global leader in discovery chemistry with the industry’s largest, most diverse, and most pharmacologically-relevant commercial collection of over 1,500,000 individually crafted, lead-like, drug-like small molecules. ChemDiv executes pre-clinical discovery chemistry and biology for drug development and clinical trials for an international portfolio of companies across the entire range of targets with small molecule and biotech drugs. The company operates multiple research and development (R&D) subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine and China as well as business operations around the world. Our laboratories are equipped for both ‘GLP-like’ and GLP research standards to meet our international research and business partners’ needs.

We custom-tailor our professional assistance to best meet your R&D Chemistry, Biology and Clinical needs. We pride ourselves on being one of the industry’s most experienced CROs, with hands-on expertise in every aspect of both early and clinical development of anti-infectives and antivirals, oncologics, CNS, cardiometabolics, and anti-inflammatory therapies. Our track record spans successful and timely delivery of discovery libraries, target-biased compound sets reflective of modern trends in Chemical Biology, pathway analysis, in vitro/ex vivo and in vivo assay development and implementation, as well as a multitude of modern drug discovery and evaluation platforms all aimed at accelerated cost-effective R&D. Our integrated Discovery outSourceTM solutions cover all disciplines needed to bring a project from target ID to Phase III clinical candidate and beyond.

Representative examples of our services include synthetic chemistry, structural biology and structure-based drug discovery, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, scale-up, biochemical and cellular assay development, analytical/bioanalytical platforms, ADME/tox, DMPK and multiple in vivo efficacy/tox models.

Our discovery chemistry collaborators range from large, midsize, and small Pharma/Biotech, to academia, foundations and screening centers. Every request and project gets attention of our expert team.

We can offer a number of flexible business models that help you to manage your development risk, conserve your R&D budget, and appropriately reward successful development outcomes.

To request more info about our products and services or partnering opportunities contact us.

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