What is Avifavir?

The ChemDiv’s scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from ChemRar Group are working with multiple research and development organizations that specialized in innovative pharmaceuticals. As a result, the ChemDiv researchers can pride themselves in supporting research and development of innovative pharmaceutical products, diagnostics tools as well as new methods for treating oncology, disorders, cardiometabolic, and infectious diseases.

One of the latest achievements was the development, registration and release of Avifavir for the new coronavirus infection treatment to international market. Within the shortest term possible, the ChemDiv’s specialists developed testing platforms and a set of methods for the synthesis of substances and pharmaceutical formulation. On May, 29th 2020, after all pre-clinical and clinical studies were completed the medicine was registered and became available to patients.

Avifavir as the world’s first medicine with Favipiravir as its active agent was registered for the treatment of the new coronavirus infection. The efficeincy of Favipiravir-based medicines has been proven by three independent clinical studies in Russia based on the treatment of 3,000 patients with confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis as well as studies carried out in Japan and other countries.

Avifavir has been registered and widely used for coronavirus treatment in over 15 countries. In Russia only, the monthly production volume of the medicine is planned to be increased to 1 million packages a month.

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