Disease Based Models old

Disease Based Models

ChemDiv has developed a large number of animal models that are offered as a service to our clients. Areas of specialization include CNS (psychiatric and neurological diseases); metabolic and diabetes; oncology; infectious diseases and cardiovascular disorders. We are constantly adding to these model systems and our experienced pharmacologists will be pleased to discuss your needs. All model systems are fully validated and follow SOPs. Full compliance with the humane treatment of animals is respected for all studies and they are conducted in state of the art facilities according to regulatory guidelines.

Animal models are also critical for developing suitable biomarkers that can be used in clinical studies to establish early indications of therapeutic efficacy. Studies such as Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic modeling are valuable for human dose estimations and are an integral part of the pre-clinical and clinical development plan.

In addition to animal models of disease, ChemDiv conducts pharmacokinetic, safety and toxicological studies in several species including rodents, larger non-rodents such as rabbits and dogs and non-human primates. These studies are all conducted according to regulatory requirements and form an integral part of the submission for First in Human studies.

Please contact our team at chemdiv@chemdiv.com to discuss your specific needs and application.