Epitranscriptome Focused Small Molecule Library

Epitranscriptome Focused Small Molecule Library

Generic Library of Epitranscriptome Focused Small Molecule Library_21,000 compounds

ChemDiv presents a new library “Epitranscriptome Focused Small Molecule Library”, number of unique structures 21,000

Within the field of molecular biology, the epitranscriptome includes all the biochemical modifications of the RNA (the transcriptome) within a cell. Epitranscriptomics involves all functionally relevant changes to the transcriptome that do not involve a change in the ribonucleotide sequence. Thus, the epitranscriptome can be defined as the ensemble of such functionally relevant changes.


• A variety of abundant RNA modifications have been shown playing a critical role in gene regulation.

• “Writers”, “readers”, and “erasers” : RNA-binding proteins that perform post-transcriptional modifications and support cellular processes vital for RNA homeostasis.

• Aberrant RNA modifications are therapeutically relevant for the immune system and the central nervous system:

➢ Prompt the growth of acute myeloid leukemia cells.

➢ Associated with various neurodevelopmental and neuronal disorders – autism,

epilepsy, brain development abnormalities, obesity, microcephaly, Prader-Willi

syndrome, fragile X syndrome, major depressive disorder, etc.

➢ A regulatory mechanism of brain development and function.

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