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Meet ChemDiv Inc. at “International Symposium EFMC-ASMC觗”in Athens next month, September 1-5, 2019.

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Meet ChemDiv at “Better Leads, Better Drugs – Innovation in Screening Libraries” conference held May … Read More

Meet ChemDiv at 7th International Conference on Multicomponent Reactions and Related Chemistry which is to … Read More

Join ChemDiv at EFMC-ISMC’18 on September 2-6, 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

From ChemDiv,Inc participate Dr. V.Kysil, Head … Read More

Join ChemDiv at Medicinal Chemistry & CADD on 6–8 … Read More

Join ChemDiv at Annual Drug Discovery USA Congress … Read More

Join ChemDiv at Modern Drug discovery and Development Summit … Read More

Join ChemDiv at CNS Diseases World Summit on 11-12 September in Boston, USA. Learn more at … Read More

Join ChemDiv at BioPharm America on 26-27 September in Boston, USA. Learn more at https://ebdgroup.knect365.com/biopharm-america/