Human Phosphatases Annotated Library

225 Compounds

A unique collection of small molecule compounds with annotated activities for Phosphatases protein targets
❑ Annotated activities : 25 phosphatase targets
❑ Express Delivery : 160 compounds
❑ Complete Version : 225 compounds

Phosphatase enzymes are essential to many biological functions, because phosphorylation (e.g. by protein kinases) and dephosphorylation (by phosphatases) serve diverse roles in cellular regulation and signaling. Together, kinases and phosphatases direct a form of post-translational modification that is essential to the cell’s regulatory network.

Phosphatases Reference Compounds Library
❑ Phosphatases are enzymatic proteins that dephosphorylate other functional proteins
❑ Physiologically the phosphatases enzymatic activity can be modulated by
– Catalytic phosphate site binders
– Allosteric binders that cause conformational changes within the catalytic site
❑ Phosphatases are interesting therapeutic targets for
– Oncology, e.g. cancer immunotherapy
– Metabolic diseases, e.g. diabetes, obesity
– Infections, e.g. antibacterial, antiviral

Phosphatases Reference Compounds Library

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