Human Proteases Annotated Library

3,000 Compounds

• Proteases are enzymatic proteins that cleave specific peptide bonds withing other functional proteins
• Physiologically the protease enzymatic activity can be modulated by
– Mimetics of peptide motifs that bind at a catalytic site
– Chelators of specific metal ions that often used by proteases as cofactors
• Proteases are well recognized as important therapeutic targets for
– Infections, e.g. antibacterial, antiviral, antimalarials
– Inflammatory diseases, e.g. fibrosis, NSAID painkillers, joint stiffness
– Cardiovascular system, e.g. blood pressure regulation, thrombosis
A unique collection of small molecule compounds with annotated activities for Proteases protein targets
❑ Annotated activities : 60 protease targets
❑ Express Delivery : 320 compounds
❑ Complete Version : 2976 compounds

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