In Vivo Pharmacology

Testing drug candidates in in vivo animal settings is still necessary step in the process of discovery chemistry to understand the candidate behavior in the whole organism, starting from bioavailability and going through pharmacokinetics, organ exposure, pharmacodynamics, efficacy in a disease models, and to a potential toxicity of either the compound itself or its metabolite(s).

ChemDiv’s in vivo pharmacology team consists of highly experienced scientists with extensive pharmaceutical and biotechnology backgrounds. ChemDiv has state-of-the art animal facility equipped to house immune-compromised animals, rodents with genetically modified disease specific background and access to other facilities housing other species including dogs and monkeys. All experimental procedures involving animals have been implemented according to US, EU, and RF animal welfare laws.

ChemDiv offers in vivo pharmacology services in accordance with customer’s-designed protocols supporting its discovery chemistry needs on flexible basis: from delivering standalone studies to taking over responsibility for planning and executing the in vivo pharmacology strategy in a frame of integrated discovery chemistry program.

ChemDiv offers high-quality in vivo services including efficiency and tolerability studies, in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Please contact our team at chemdiv@chemdiv.com to discuss your specific needs and application.

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