ChemDiv provides integrated discovery chemistry programs by exploring two major approaches, i) de novo search for principally novel chemical entities from our ever expanding‑small molecule library of more than 1.6M compounds and ii) fast follow forward repurposing and optimization of known and clinically tested entities through an innovative medicinal chemistry approaches. Through many years of successful collaborations, we have accumulated a strong knowledge and assembled technologies that are being utilized for discovery chemistry against majority of target classes and our scientists have proven experience of progressing projects from screening to the clinic.

As a preeminent discovery chemistry provider, ChemDiv has built an infrastructure with a complete array of systems to meet our client’s modern challenges. No matter where you are in your development pipeline, you may find ChemDiv’s products and services to be of considerable value. Our streamlined process from Hit Seeking through Lead Optimization and into POC and clinical trials will ensure your project runs efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our Biology on Demand Program offers our partners a unique time and cost efficient platform solutions for discovery chemistry: Assay development, High Throughput Screening and ADME/Tox assessment. We are proud to offer our partners a great number of various assays developed and implemented by expert professionals.
By integrating all project activities into one project management team, ChemDiv offers an excellent resource for efficient use of capital.

Please contact our team at chemdiv@chemdiv.com to discuss your specific needs and application.

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