Welcome to ProteoScape(SM) – ChemDiv’s collection of the proprietary proteome targeted small molecule libraries.

These libraries are the product of our medicinal chemistry expertise and experience that spans over a quarter of the century. Our knowledge stems from our commitment to the internal research and development, and our engine of discovery at an intersection of medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, and AI-algorithms for analyzing recent system biology data. Our vision and creative problem solving are supported by the proven track record of numerous successfully accomplished functional and phenotypic HTS campaigns as well as by many integrated discovery projects such as hit-to-lead, mechanism of action, target identification/validation etc. Here you can search for specific targeted libraries via either the search request or by browsing through the entire list of the ProteoScape(SM) libraries. In the “Search” field you can search your target of interest either by the protein name or by the corresponding gene symbol.

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Proprietary Proteome Targeted Libraries

Once you have a library or libraries of your interest narrowed down, you will need to contact us with a formal request. This step can be very straightforward via pressing the “Request Library” button under the library description and filling out the standard online request form. If you have additional questions or are experiencing difficulties with finding specific libraries, you can always request more information by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of each library description page and filling out our contact form. For better support please include the subject “ProteoScape” and the library name with the corresponding gene symbol in your request.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

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