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ChemDiv Inc statement on impact of Russia military actions in Ukraine.

To our pharma and biotech customers and suppliers, we want to assure you that ChemDiv Inc is keenly aware of and strongly opposed to the current Russia military actions in Ukraine.

ChemDiv Inc is a private US corporation, closely held by its founders since its founding in 1995. ChemDiv does not own any subsidiaries or affiliates abroad. As a US company ChemDiv is likewise not controlled by any non-US person or company.

Over the last twenty-five years, ChemDiv has designed and developed millions of medicinal chemistry active compounds and dozens of drug candidates, in close collaboration with senior scientists and project managers at thousands of customers in thirty-plus countries.

ChemDiv works globally with pharmaceutical scientists in several dozen research and commercial institutions to design and develop new and novel drug candidates and leads. Our diversified supplier group includes Ukrainian and Russian firms, but ChemDiv is not overly-dependent on any specific partner. We anticipate that our Russian and/or Ukrainian suppliers will be replaced in the supply chain if that becomes necessary.

In the same way, ChemDiv develops and maintains fulfillment partnerships with multiple logistics partners. Our logistics and supply chains are resilient and have allowed us to continue serving our customers despite a broad range of economic and political disruptions over many years. We are prepared to meet the challenges created by the present conflict in eastern Europe.

Concerning the Russian attack on Ukraine, Ron Demuth, CEO of ChemDiv, made the following statement: "What is happening in Ukraine right now is tragic, and the bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people are an inspiration to the world. ChemDiv Inc will continue to take care of our colleagues, support humanitarian efforts wherever we can, and add our voices to all those calling for peace."

Demuth further commented “ChemDiv’s work is critical to the creation of new medicines, and we are proud to be a trusted member of the global healthcare community.”

March 2, 2022    San Diego, California
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