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Delivery Options

Averagely 3 000 000 samples of screening compounds delivered to our customers worldwide in different formats every year.

Delivery with Express services (UPS, WC)

  • 1–2 days for small orders (1–120 compounds)
  • 2–4 weeks for large selections (100K–300K compounds)
  • Optional: monthly, Q deliveries

Formats: ready for screen, ready for stock

  • 0.5–50 mg of dry powder sample in single glass vials, custom vials
  • DMSO solutions frozen 10μl–250μl@10mM (96 and 384 format)
  • Multiple sets
  • 96 and 384 plate format
  • Any barcode system

Compounds can be formatted as dry powders or DMSO soutions in standardized milligram/micromolar formats in glass vials, 96 or 384 well (solutions only) racks and plates.

Dry powders can be formatted in 1 Dram amber glass vials with screw caps (VWR cat. #97047-678 for vials or equivalent, Phenomenex cat. #AR0-8357-13 for caps or equivalent) or in Thermo Scientific Matrix cat. #4247 deep well latch racks with 1.4 ml tubes sealed by 96 well plug seal cap mats (Thermo Scientific Matrix cat. #4430) or 8 well cap strips (Thermo Scientific Matrix cat #43) or Greiner #651201 microplates sealed with plug seal cap mats.

Vials are packed in standard styrofoam containers, 5 vials each or in carton boxes with dividers and foam, 96 vials per box. Plate map with location of each item in box is provided.

DMSO solutions are available in Thermo Scientific Matrix cat. #4247 deep well latch racks with 1.4 ml tubes sealed by 96 well Thermo Scientific Matrix cat. #4430 cap mats, Greiner cat. #651201 96-well microplates or Greiner #781280 384-well plates.

Each plate/vial is labeled with a unique identifier bar-codeded in 128 or 39 barcode type upon customer's choice.

Accuracy or compound weights prepared in glass vials is ± 0.2 mg, accuracy of compound weights prepared in racks is ± 0.1 mg.

Any choice of custom sets of multiple plate formats or plates plus vials formats are available.

Formats composed of multiple identical sets are available.

Customers can ship us their own standard plates or vials and barcodes.

Data format

  • Custom ISIS DB/SD files with compounds structures; ID’s and salt info, container positions for each shipment
  • Analytical information: electronic spectral and plates/ boxes maps data with each shipment

QC 100%. 90% purity. Spectra in electronic format for all compounds.

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