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Diversity libraries

ChemDiv’s diversity sets represent validated drug-like chemistry space of over 13B compounds and 1.6M stock collection.More details...

Place your order for preplated version of libraries or request for customization and we configure the best screening set for your projects and inventory.

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Product name
39,646 compounds
Targeted Diversity Library is a collection of drug-like compounds that have been focused against various biological targets.
15,500 compounds
Soluble Diversity Library improves drug-like properties and solubility of the screening set. Potential soluble compounds are used for hit discovery.
50,213 compounds
Set of drug-like compounds based on the concept of targeted diversity for hit-finding screens.
50,000 / 100,000 / 150,000 compounds
Representative Diversity Libraries are small-molecule compounds with high diversity scoring. The selection includes compound singletons and clusters.
50,820 compounds
The original descriptor Medicinal Chemistry Evolution-2018 (MCE-18) score drug-like compounds by novelty in terms of their cumulative sp3 complexity.
155,000 compounds
Compounds per cluster – 5-10+ MedChem consistent SAR ready sets Inter cluster similarity < 0.2 (diverse) Intra cluster similarity 0.5-0.85 (reasonably similar)
52,000 compounds
Set of small-molecule compounds with high diversity in terms of potential pharmacophore points.
21,000 compounds
Set of small-molecules with natural product-like scaffold. Clustering due to 3D shape, pharmacophore diversity and high QED values.
34,000 compounds
ChemDiv's 3D Biodiversity Library is bioactive molecules clustered due to their three-dimensional structures and pharmacophore diversity.
300,000 compounds
300k Representative Compounds Library is based on generating Bemis-Murcko scaffolds, filtering and three selections.


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