Custom Chemistry

Custom Chemistry

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ChemDiv constantly invests in design and production of novel patentable discovery chemistry.

Our team has formidable experience in addressing your synthetic chemistry, building blocks, medicinal chemistry and compound optimization needs. With combination of a robust science, discovery chemistry expertise and transparent business models we provide excellent services over 30 years. Over 2,800 customers work with our chemistry: pharmaceutical, biotechs, cosmetics, agro companies and academia research groups.

Typical projects:

  • Discovery libraries design and synthesis
       ○ Clients’ scaffolds
       ○ ChemDiv propriety scaffolds (space of over 30000 prevalidated templates)
  • Design and synthesis of unique building blocks
  • DEL building blocks
  • References compounds
  • H2L, SAR series generation
  • Synthetic route evaluation and development
  • Scale up (GMP standards)


  • Reliable source for novel chemistry and ideas

  • Over 300 novel scaffolds per year
  • Flexibility, transparent communication, regular reporting, excellent infrastructure
  • Fast turn-around time
  • FSS, FTE
  • Exclusive, semi-exclusive, non-exclusive
  • Science and business-focused professionals
  • Target consideration for design
  • Integration with discovery biology and pharmacology
  • Your custom selection criteria and flexible compounds library format
  • Excellent logistics
  • Proprietary collection of building blocks
  • Development and transfer of protocols and key intermediates
  • High-throughput H-NMR, LC/MC and HPLC-based purification
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