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Scale up Synthesis

Scale up Synthesis

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Scale up

Method development and chemical synthesis

 Development and validation of new methods for the synthesis of compounds (series from 100 mg to 100 g):

  • Synthesis of individual innovative and well-known small molecules, active substances and impurities with a purity of up to 90-99%

  • Synthesis of libraries of chemical compounds for in vitro research (10-100 compounds per scaffold)


Scaling and optimization of synthesis methods and technologies (batch up to 1-100 kg):

  • Scaling and development of laboratory regulations for the production of substances obtained by chemical synthesis methods

  • Chemical reactions with a large volume of reagents (up to 30 liters), using both laboratory and pilot-industrial systems for synthesis

  • Purification of large reaction volumes by laboratory and high-tech methods - distillation at low pressure, chromatography, recrystallization, etc.

  • Ability to develop synthesis methods with subsequent staging of technology and validation of analytical methods and development of GMP production technology


Development and validation of analytical quality control procedures:

  • Analysis of synthesized compounds by HPLC, LCMS, NMR

  • High performance automated analysis and cleaning


Chemical analytics capabilities:

HPLC LCMS                                                                                           NMR

UPLS/MS Shimadzu 2020                                                     Bruker DPX-300

PE Sciex API 150EX LC-MS/MS                                           Bruker DPX-400

LCMS system Shimadzu 2010 EV

Preparative LCMS/PREP system Shimadzu 2020


 Methods and technologies

  • Heterocyclic chemistry

  • Organometallic chemistry

  • Cascade assembly of structures

  • Microwave synthesis

  • Synthesis, separation of stereoisomers and enantiomers

  • High pressure reactions

  • Parallel and asymmetric synthesis and others

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