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Preplated libraries

Place your order for preplated version of libraries or request for customization and we configure the best screening set for your projects and inventory.

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Product name
500,000 compounds
Сover the MedChem space of 30B ChemDiv compounds space. Are diverse; Pre-organized in layered (tiered) structure enabling for iterative expansion of the studied molecule space, with the very first layer covering essential chemical space. Are already preplated to ensure rapid shipment.
100,000 compounds
100k diverse compounds pre-plated set represents our 1.6m stock available screening compounds collection. Available as DMSO solutions frozen at 10mM concentration in 96 and 384 format. Cherry pick by plates.
3,836 compounds
Type II Kinase Inhibitors Library is a set of non-ATP site inhibitors or activators that bind to an extended ATP site including a back pocket.
480 compounds
Transcription Factors Annotated Library is mimetics that modulate transcription factors. TFs are proteins regulating gene reading from DNA sequences.
7,567 compounds
TDAL library
543 compounds
Steroid-like compounds library is steroid-based molecules that regulate biological function. These synthetic steroids can treat inflammation.
863 compounds
Spiro Library is a set of scaffolds with twisted structure of two or more rings for the design of new therapeutic agents.
480 compounds
Spiro Bridge library
1,280 compounds
Spiro Bridge library
9,500 compounds
Soluble Diversity library
941 compounds
Soluble Diversity library
240 compounds
Soluble Diversity library
1,040 compounds
Soluble Diversity library
150 compounds
Smart covalent library
480 compounds
Singletons library
1,760 compounds
Singletons library
3,700 compounds
Purinergic library
5,000 compounds
Protein Kinases Inhibitors library
4,196 compounds
Protein Kinases Inhibitors library
320 compounds
Proteases annotated library
3,667 compounds
PPI library
1600 compounds
PPI library
160 compounds
PPI library
23,722 compounds
PPI Inhibitors Tripeptide Mimetics library
13,573 compounds
PPI Eccentric library
160 compounds
Phosphatases annotated library
1,217 compounds
Phosphatase library
6,160 compounds
Peptidomimetics library
2,679 compounds
Peptidomimetics beta turn Motifs library
3,120 compounds
Opioid Receptor library
2,600 compounds
Nucleoside mimetics library
9,000 compounds
Nucleic acid library
942 compounds
Natural Product library
640 compounds
Natural Product Based library
6,000 compounds
MCE 18 Trends Medicinal Chemistry library
400 compounds
Macrocycles library
2,727 compounds
Macrocycles library
3,743 compounds
Ligand Gated Ion Channels library
640 compounds
Kinase annotated library
400 compounds
Ion Channels library
1,677 compounds
Ion Channels library
1,600 compounds
Ion Channels library
320 compounds
Ion Channels annotated library
2,359 compounds
Human Kinases Annotated library
640 compounds
hReceptors annotated library
9700 compounds
Histone Deacetylases Targeted library
29,185 compounds
GPCR Targeted library
80 compounds
GPCR library
372 compounds
GPCR library
2,160 compounds
GPCR library
640 compounds
GPCR annotated library
13,289 compounds
Epitranscriptome Focused library
3,542 compounds
Epigenetics library
81,760 compounds
Diversity library
61,200 compounds
Diversity library
54,374 compounds
Diversity library
4,160 compounds
Diversity library
31,832 compounds
Diversity library
26,960 compounds
Diversity library
22,640 compounds
Diversity library
17,560 compounds
Diversity library 17560
10,687 compounds
Diversity library 10687
100,000 compounds
Diversity library
718 compounds
Dark Chemical Matter library
2,377 compounds
Covalent generic library 2377
28,000 compounds
CNS MPO library 28000
10,000 compounds
CNS MPO library
4,783 compounds
CNS library 4783
240 compounds
CNS library 240
1,200 compounds
CNS library 1200
49,681 compounds
CNS Focused library
10,000 compounds
CNS BBB penetrable library
4,808 compounds
CNS BBB library 4808
480 compounds
CNS annotated library 480
2,608 compounds
Cardiovascular library 2608
6,800 compounds
Beyond Flatland library
880 compounds
Antiviral library 880
3,280 compounds
Antiviral library 3280
2,960 compounds
Antiviral library 2960
12,000 compounds
Antiviral library 12000
7,040 compounds
Antiviral concentric library
11901 compounds
Antimalarial library 11901
1,716 compounds
AntiInflammatory library
1,522 compounds
AntiInfective library
6,602 compounds
Anticancer library 6602
480 compounds
Anticancer library 480
1,122 compounds
Anticancer library
2,043 compounds
Annotated library
3,997 compounds
52,000 compounds
880 compounds
3D-FL library
4,937 compounds
3D library
8,160 compounds
3D Diversity library
3,200 compounds
3D Biodiversity library
5,114 compounds
Human Transcription Factors Annotated Library is mimetics that modulate transcription factors. TFs are proteins regulating gene reading from DNA sequences.
5,398 compounds
Human Receptors Annotated Library is a set of small-molecule ligands, that mimic or compete with the natural ligand thus regulating receptor signaling.
2,886 compounds
Human Proteases Annotated Library is small-molecules that modulate protease activity. Compounds can be either peptidomimetics or chelators of metal ions.
209 compounds
Human Phosphatases Annotated Library is phosphatases activity modulators that can regulate the protein as catalytic phosphate site or allosteric binders.
2,464 compounds
Human Kinases Annotated Library is small-molecules that modulate kinase enzymatic activity. They can be either catalytic ATP site or allosteric binders.
351 compounds
Human Ion Channels Annotated Library is bioactive small-molecules that regulate Ion channels. It is a therapeutic target for CNS diseases.
5,584 compounds
Human GPCR Annotated Library is a set of G protein-coupled receptor modulators that can be allosteric or direct receptor binders.


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