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ChemDiv's collection of 17 annotated libraries.
Over 180k active compounds.
>25,000 targets.
>190,000 activity data.

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21,667 compounds
Antiviral Annotated Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that target cellular proteins.
5,584 compounds
Human GPCR Annotated Library is a set of G protein-coupled receptor modulators that can be allosteric or direct receptor binders.
27,659 compounds
ChemDiv's 3D Biodiversity Library is bioactive molecules clustered due to their three-dimensional structures and pharmacophore diversity.
90,959 compounds
Chemogenomic Library for Phenotypic Screening is pharmacological modulators with annotated bioactivity, used for target validation.
6,584 compounds
CNS Target Activity Set is CNS-active compounds that cross BBB.
190 compounds
Launched & Clinically Evaluated Drugs Library is clinical drug database with marketed drugs. Suitable for drug repurposing and drug development.
27,664 compounds
Target identification TIPS library is used for phenotypic screening, searching targets associated with phenotype and selection of the best hits.
14,839 compounds
Selective Target Activity Profiling Library is a set of annotated activity for phenotypic screening and complex targets.
5,114 compounds
Human Transcription Factors Annotated Library is mimetics that modulate transcription factors. TFs are proteins regulating gene reading from DNA sequences.
7,567 compounds
Therapeutical Diversity Annotated Library is a set of compounds with confirmed biological activity for a wide range of diseases.
2,886 compounds
Human Proteases Annotated Library is small-molecules that modulate protease activity. Compounds can be either peptidomimetics or chelators of metal ions.
704 compounds
CNS Annotated Library is small-molecules with annotated activities for CNS drug discovery.
2,464 compounds
Human Kinases Annotated Library is small-molecules that modulate kinase enzymatic activity. They can be either catalytic ATP site or allosteric binders.
351 compounds
Human Ion Channels Annotated Library is bioactive small-molecules that regulate Ion channels. It is a therapeutic target for CNS diseases.
209 compounds
Human Phosphatases Annotated Library is phosphatases activity modulators that can regulate the protein as catalytic phosphate site or allosteric binders.
5,398 compounds
Human Receptors Annotated Library is a set of small-molecule ligands, that mimic or compete with the natural ligand thus regulating receptor signaling.
1,790 compounds
Activity database of small molecules that target 6 opportunistic pathogens.
0
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