Could STRAWBERRIES keep you sharp? Compound in the fruit prevents age-related mental decline

Strawberries could help prevent age-related mental decline, new research suggests.

A compound in the fruit, known as fisetin, eases cognitive deterioration and inflammation in mice, a study found.

ChemSpider 2D Image | Fisetin | C15H10O6

Mice not treated with fisetin experience cognitive difficulties, as well as stress and inflammation, the research adds.

Previous research has linked fisetin with reduced memory loss in mice genetically-predisposed to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Senior author Pamela Maher, from Salk's Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory in La Jolla, California, said: 'Mice are not people, of course. But there are enough similarities that we think fisetin warrants a closer look, not only for potentially treating Alzheimer's disease but also for reducing some of the cognitive effects associated with aging, generally.'

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