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Venatorx’s Cefepime-Taniborbactam Shows Positive Results in Phase 3 Study

Venatorx’s Cefepime-Taniborbactam Shows Positive Results in Phase 3 Study

Ventatorx Pharmaceuticals’ investigational antibiotic cefepime-taniborbactam has shown promise in a late-stage study for treatment of complicated urinary tract infections.

The drug candidate was compared with the antibiotic meropenem and was found to be superior in some respects. The drug was more effective than meropenem against several pathogens, including cefepime-resistant, extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing and multidrug-resistant bacteria.

The company said it plans to submit a New Drug Application for the antibiotic to the FDA in the first half of next year.

Venatorx is presenting the data at IDWeek in Washington, D.C., Oct. 19-23.

About Ventatorx Pharmaceuticals

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals is a private company that is focused on the discovery and development of novel anti-infectives to treat multi-drug-resistant (MDR) bacterial infections and hard-to-treat viral infections. The company name, Venatorx (ven-a-TOREX), derives from the Latin word “venator”, meaning ‘hunter’ and “rx”, the medical symbol for drugs. The pursuit, or “hunt”, for new drugs is the core mission of company. Founded in 2010, Venatorx has built a world-class in-house research and development organization that has filed over 120 patents. 

Venatorx’s two lead antibacterial clinical-stage programs are intravenous (cefepime-taniborbactam) and oral (ceftibuten/VNRX-7145) broad-spectrum beta-lactam / beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations that are in Phase 3 and Phase 1, respectively. In addition, the first Venatorx antiviral compound (VNRX-9945), a Hepatitis B virus inhibitor, is in Phase 1 clinical development. The Company also has discovery-stage programs targeting a novel class of non-beta-lactam antibiotics called Penicillin Binding Protein (PBP) inhibitors that have the potential to circumvent 70+ years of resistance and usher in a new wave of antibacterial therapeutics.

October 21, 2022


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