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Acumen and Lonza to produce Alzheimer’s drug sabirnetug

Acumen and Lonza to produce Alzheimer’s drug sabirnetug

Acumen Pharmaceuticals has entered a strategic partnership with Swiss contract manufacturer Lonza to further the development of sabirnetug (ACU193), a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The collaboration enhances the manufacturing of sabirnetug for clinical development and potential commercialisation, subject to approval. A humanised monoclonal antibody, sabirnetug targets and neutralises toxic soluble amyloid beta oligomers (AβOs) implicated in the progression of AD.

Lonza will be responsible for the production of the drug at its facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US. The unit is equipped with 2,000-litre (L) single-use bioreactors. Acumen will benefit from Lonza’s expertise in antibody manufacturing and extensive regulatory knowledge, as well as access to a manufacturing network capable of scaling from 2,000L to 20,000L.

Sabirnetug is the first humanised monoclonal antibody to show selective engagement with AβOs in a Phase I first-in-human clinical trial.

Since AβOs are considered the initial catalyst and continuous driver of the synaptic dysfunction and neurodegeneration associated with AD, sabirnetug represents a therapeutic approach that addresses a fundamental cause of the disease. It prevents the binding of toxic AβOs to dendritic spines, thereby preserving neuronal function.

Acumen Pharmaceuticals president and chief development officer James Doherty stated: “As we progress into Phase II clinical development of sabirnetug as a potentially best-in-class treatment for early AD, we are acutely aware that patients and their families are in urgent need of safe, effective treatment options for this devastating disease. Partnering with Lonza is a critical step to ensure broader access to next-generation AD therapies.”

Last month, Lonza made a significant move by agreeing to purchase the Genentech large-scale biologics manufacturing facility in Vacaville, California, US, from Roche for $1.2bn. This acquisition will strengthen Lonza’s capacity for biologics production.

April 8, 2024

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