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Dark Chemical Matter Library

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ChemDiv’s Dark Chemical Matter Library contains 25,000 compounds.

Dark Chemical Matter is a promising starting point for drug lead discovery. They are small molecules, that have never shown biological activity despite having been exhaustively tested in HTS assays (inactive in >100 assays). Among 1.5 mln ChemDiv’s compounds, >25k of unique molecules were identified as Dark Chemical Matter, according to Novartis/Pubchem DCM set. ChemDiv DCM library occupies a distinct area of chemical space as well as some areas near clinical, preclinical candidates and launched drugs which makes it a good source of new chemotypes and molecules with drug-like properties. The compounds in Dark Chemical Matter Library were collected and prepared based on the published data (article by Wassermann et al.: https://www.nature.com/articles/nchembio.1936; https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd4787). According to Wassermann et al., the dark chemical matter was defined as those molecules that showed no biological activity when tested in at least 100 assays. The assays used in the analysis are also available in the text of the article.
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