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PPI Inhibitors Tripeptide Mimetics

Preferred format:
Desirable size of the custom library selection:
  • Mg
  • uMol
Endogenous tripeptides include the following:
(1) ECG(Glu-Cys-Gly)-(glutathione), antioxidant, cofactor;
(2) EHP(Glu-His-Pro) -stimulates pituitary gland controlling thyroid-stimulating hormone secretion
(3) FEG(Phe-Glu-Gly) -inhibition of anaphylaxis, anti-inflammatory, modulatesleukocyte adhesion
(4) GHK(Gly-His-Lys) -tissue remodeling and wound healing
(5) PLG(Pro-Leu-Gly) -modulator of the dopamine D2 receptor
Tripeptide motifs in proteins include the following:
(6) DLF/SLF(Asp<Ser>-Leu-Phe) -inhibition of β protein of bacterial replisome, antimicrobial
(7) ELR(Glu-Leu-Arg) -chemokine, growth factor binding motif
(8) GGQ(Gly-Cys-Gln) -release factor, stop codon recognition
(9) GPE(Gly-Pro-Arg), neuroprotection
(10) HAV(His-Ala-Val) -cadherin motif, cell-cell interactions, and adhesion
(11) HGK(His-Gly-Lys) -vitronectin inhibition
(12) HPQ(His-Pro-Gln) -streptavidin binding motif
(13) KPV(Lys-Pro-Val) -anti-inflammatory properties
(14) LDV(Leu-Asp-Val) -vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM-1)/fibronectin adhesion motif
(15) RGD(Arg-Gly-Asp) -cell adhesion signal
(16) SKL(Ser-Lys-Leu) -peroxisomal targeting
(17) KYL(Lys-Tyr-Leu) -vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) motif
(18) RER(Arg-Glu-Arg) –sAPP motif, neuroprotection
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