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Sugar and sugar-like compound library

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Sugar and sugar-like compound library

356 compounds 

Compounds available in stock and the source of ideas for sugar substitution 

Collect the library of sugar-containing and sugar-like compounds available at ChemDiv’s stock

The objectives: as a source of chemical ideas

1. Cipolla, L. et al (2010). Carbohydrate mimetics and scaffolds: sweet spots in medicinal chemistry. Future medicinal chemistry, 2(4), 587-599. 2. Tamburrini, A. et al (2020). Design and synthesis of glycomimetics: Recent advances. Medicinal research reviews, 40(2), 495-531.
3. Gupta, S. et al (2023). Synthesis of conformationally rigid sugar-fused lactone and sugar α-amino acid. Tetrahedron, 133646.
4. Meanwell, M. et al (2021). Diversity-oriented synthesis of glycomimetics. Communications Chemistry, 4(1), 96. 5. Compain, P. (2018). Glycomimetics: design, synthesis, and therapeutic applications. Molecules, 23(7), 1658.
6. Cao, J., & Vincent, S. P. (2023). Spirocyclopropyl carbohydrates: Synthesis and applications. Tetrahedron, 133465. 

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