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3,051 compounds
Angiotensin-converting enzyme Library is a set of small-molecule inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 binding site.
65,937 compounds
Antiviral Library is a set of small-molecule antiviral agents. These inhibitors target a wide range of viral proteins.
9,726 compounds
Antiviral HBV Library is a set of non-nucleoside compounds for HBV treatment.
18,507 compounds
Anti-HIV1 Library is a set of anti-HIV1 small-molecule agents for different viral targets.
5,000 compounds
Carbonic anhydrase II library is a set of compounds belonging to the sulfonamides, mercaptans and phenols aimed at modulating of Carbonic anhydrase II activity
7,801 compounds
Set of small-molecule compounds that can target cysteine proteases and be used in drug development for cancer, viral, infections treatment.
13,658 compounds
Antibacterial Compounds Library is a set small-molecule inhibitors of bacterial vital proteins.
31,972 compounds
Serine Proteases Inhibitors Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that target serine proteases and can be used in anticancer drug discovery.
20,750 compounds
Coronavirus Library (COVID-19) is a set of small-molecule compounds that prevent coronaviral binding and further replication.
4,550 compounds
Autophagy-Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule modulators for the regulation of autophagy.
2,292 compounds
Nucleoside Mimetics Library is a set of modified nucleosides that are used as antiviral and antitumor drugs. They were also designed for HIV therapy.
4,792 compounds
3-chymotrypsin-like protease Library is a set of small-molecule compounds for inhibiting coronavirus replication.
16,046 compounds
Antifungal Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that target fungi proteins and can be used in antifungal drug development.
6,354 compounds
Papain-like protease Library is a set of drug-like compounds for COVID-19. They inhibit viral replication and the dysregulation of signaling cascades in infected cells.
19,320 compounds
Anti-infective Library is a set of small-molecule compounds against various infectious agents.
23,762 compounds
Antiparasite Library is a set of small-molecule compounds for drug discovery. It consists of antibacterial, antifungal and insecticide chemicals.
8,118 compounds
Nucleic Acid Ligands is a set of minor and major groove DNA or RNA binders. Such small molecules have proven to be effective antiviral and cancer agents.


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