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28,544 compounds
RNA Isosteric Trinucleotide Mimetics is small molecules targeting RNA expansion repeats. Trinucleotide repeats overexpression causes various disorders.
2,123 compounds
Small-molecule compounds that mimic the action of protein and modulates PPI.
2,292 compounds
Nucleoside Mimetics Library is a set of modified nucleosides that are used as antiviral and antitumor drugs. They were also designed for HIV therapy.
36,711 compounds
Small molecules that mimic the action of peptides thus modulating PPI. Protein secondary structures are targets for mimicry.
24,737 compounds
Alpha-Helix Mimetics Library is a set of peptidomimetics. Alpha-helices are key recognition elements of protein secondary structure.
68,388 compounds
PPI Helix Turn 3D Mimetics Library was designed on sp3-enriched scaffolds that mimic key recognition elements of protein secondary structure.
18,417 compounds
Library contains nonpeptide small-molecules that inhibit PPI. They are structural mimetics to target proteins.
23,943 compounds
Recognition Elements PPI Library includes conformationally constrained analogues of bioactive peptides: gamma-, beta-turns, dipeptide mimetics.
1,503 compounds
3D Mimetics PPI Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that mimic key recognition elements of protein secondary structure.
23,722 compounds
PPI Tripeptide Mimetics Library is small-molecule PPI inhibitors that mimic significant endogenous tripeptides.


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