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5,000 compounds
Carbonic anhydrase II library is a set of compounds belonging to the sulfonamides, mercaptans and phenols aimed at modulating of Carbonic anhydrase II activity
4,003 compounds
Small molecules that can inhibit NOTUM thus potentially treating diseases caused by dysregulation of Wnt signaling.
27,102 compounds
PRMT Library is set of small-molecule compounds with reported affinity against cancer-assosiated PRMTs.
2,016 compounds
Arginase Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule compounds against arginase. This enzyme is implicated in cancer immunosuppression and tumor growth.
491 compounds
PD-1/L1 Library is a set of PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors. It is a group of anticancer drugs that block the activity of immune checkpoint proteins.
2,230 compounds
Developmental Pathway Hh/Wnt Set is inhibitors of the Hedgehog and Wnt-signaling pathways implicated in cancer.
597 compounds
TLR-8 Ligands Library is a set of small-molecule TLR-8 agonists. They can be used in adjuvantation research and for the treatment of ovarian cancer.
4,462 compounds
BRD4 Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that inhibit transcriptional and epigenetic regulator - BRD4.
5,601 compounds
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase1 Focused Library is a set of small-molecule compounds that can inhibit inappropriate IDO activity in tumours.
1,708 compounds
Integrin Receptors Targeted library is a set of RGD peptides or peptidomimetics that affect many events in tumor cells thereby directly induce apoptosis.
5,939 compounds
STING Agonist Library is small-molecules that bind and activate STING and lead to IFN production. Can be used in cancer immunotherapy.


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