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ChemDiv, Torrey Pines Investment and DZNE Announce Research Collaboration

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 17, 2016 -- DZNE, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, ChemDiv, Inc. and Torrey Pines Investment jointly announced today an agreement initiating a Research and Development collaboration targeting pathways and molecular mechanisms underlying neurological health and disease.

DZNE, the preeminent neurosciences Research Center within Germany's Helmholtz Association, will work with ChemDiv and Torrey Pines on multiple joint projects to commercialize early stage technologies arising from DZNE's researchers and physician-scientists. By drawing together ChemDiv's capacity in chemistry and pharmaceutical drug development with DZNE's advanced research and clinical capabilities focused on understanding commonalities and differences between various brain pathologies, this partnership aims at developing innovative preventive and therapeutic approaches for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Torrey Pines Investment will provide financial and network resources supporting pre-commercial research, as well as early stage venture investments in developing brain medicines up and into the clinical phase, which may be established within the broad collaborative framework.

"I believe that ChemDiv researchers share the same core values and commitment in public-private partnering with DZNE scientists. The combination of ChemDiv's focused commercial approach to R&D with DZNE's excellence in fundamental and clinical sciences will yield a rich pipeline of preclinical and clinical research platforms allowing to support new therapeutic approaches to diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases," said Ronald Demuth, General Manager ChemDiv.

"Torrey Pines Investment looks forward to nurturing the collaboration's early stage projects and validating their commercial feasibility for the larger investment community, that could work alongside research and industry and take these opportunities further to success," added Nikolay Savchuk, Managing Partner, Torrey Pines Investment.

"By collaborating with ChemDiv and Torrey Pines, DZNE opens another pathway to develop and translate scientific innovation into value for patients and society. We are looking forward to work with professional partners with complementary technologies and expertise," stated Pierluigi Nicotera, MD, PhD, Scientific Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of the DZNE.

The DZNE is already implementing translational approaches to research to tap into the expertise of its multidisciplinary partners and the new partnership with ChemDiv and Torrey Pines will provide all parties with an opportunity to nourish each other's multilateral resources and capabilities.

About DZNE

The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) investigates the causes of diseases of the nervous system and develops strategies for prevention, treatment and care. It is an institution within the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres with nine sites across Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Göttingen, Magdeburg, Munich, Rostock/Greifswald, Tübingen and Witten). The DZNE cooperates closely with universities, their clinics and other research facilities.


About ChemDiv

ChemDiv, Inc. (San Diego, CA) is a target-to-market Research Organization. Over the past 25 years the ChemDiv team has delivered hundreds of leads, drug candidates and drug approvals in CNS, oncology, virology, inflammation, cardio and metabolic diseases to its pharma and biotech customers around the globe. ChemDiv's integrated platforms allow for accelerated, cost-effective R&D aimed at rapidly bringing projects from target ID to Phase 3 clinical candidate and beyond.


About Torrey Pines Investment

Torrey Pines Investment (San Diego, CA) is a specialty life-science investment firm. Torrey Pines invests in development stage molecules, diagnostics, and therapeutics in areas of high unmet medical need.


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