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ChemDiv Successfully Achieves Milestone in Discovery Chemistry Collaboration with UC Davis Professor Gino Cortopassi

SAN DIEGO, September 29, 2017 – ChemDiv Inc., a fully integrated California-based CRO, announced today the completion of a milestone in its collaboration with Professor Gino Cortopassi of University of California Davis, aimed at the advancement of novel therapeutic approaches for unmet medical needs.

Under the terms of the collaboration, ChemDiv is capitalizing on its vast resources in modern drug discovery and extensive experience in discovery chemistry to advance its partner’s efforts in developing treatments for serious medical conditions. 'We have been delighted working with ChemDiv,” commented Professor Cortopassi. “They have a novel theoretical approach to identifying chemical diversity, are very knowledgeable chemists, and are easy to work with.”

“What makes ChemDiv unique is our approach to discovery chemistry: our teams are always on par with the most up-to-date trends in structure-based drug discovery,” commented Rouslan Michtchenko, Sr. Director Business Development at ChemDiv. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our partner and be a part of their quest to save lives by successfully advancing leading-edge chemistry solutions and addressing research challenges."

About ChemDiv

ChemDiv is a recognized global leader in discovery chemistry with one of the industry’s largest, most diverse, and most productive collections of over 1,600,000 lead-like small molecules. Over the past 25+ years the ChemDiv team has delivered hundreds of leads, drug candidates and new drug approvals in the areas of CNS, oncology, virology, inflammation, immunology, cardio and metabolic diseases to its pharma and biotech customers around the globe. ChemDiv’s integrated drug discovery and evaluation platforms allow for an accelerated, cost-effective R&D process aimed at rapidly bringing a project from target ID to Phase 3 clinical candidate and beyond. http://www.chemdiv.com/

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