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Viriom Signed Licensing Agreement for Indonesia with P.T. Lloyd Pharma

Viriom Inc (San Diego, CA) signed a licensing agreement with P.T. Lloyd Pharma Indonesia as a part of its global strategy to help combat HIV drug resistance problem in developing markets by using innovative, safe and efficacious treatment and prevention options with Elpida® as well as other drugs from Viriom HIV and HBV portfolio.


The problem of HIV drug resistance is very important for healthcare in Indonesia and many other developing countries. Indonesian government aims to achieve goals of 90-90-90 strategy introduced by the United Nations' program on HIV/AIDS in 2013. The strategy is an attempt to get the HIV epidemic under control and is based on the principal of universal testing and treating: 90% of people who are HIV infected are to be diagnosed, 90% of people who are diagnosed are to be prescribed an antiretroviral treatment and 90% of those who receive antiretrovirals are to reach an undetectable level of virus in their blood. With 21% of patients currently on antiretroviral (ARV) therapies under the government medical program in Indonesia, the government plans to treat at least 40% of its 640,000 HIV-positive patients by 2020 with special attention given to pregnant women and the prevention of mother-child HIV transmission. 95% of ARV offered to patients in Indonesia is generic.

 Viriom agreement with P.T. Lloyd will enable technology transfer, primary and secondary packaging and drug manufacturing in Indonesia. Elpida is currently offered as once daily 20 mg capsules to treat HIV-1 infection. Elpida is being developed worldwide as potential once weekly oral therapy in combination with other antiretroviral (ARV) therapies.

About Viriom

Viriom (San Diego, CA) focuses on the treatment, prophylaxis, and eradication of infectious diseases globally. Viriom is developing and commercializing the most innovative and affordable solutions to radically expand global access to the best antiviral treatments. Viriom's broad, proprietary, and partnered pipeline covers therapeutic, prophylactic, and curative medicines for HIV and viral hepatitis. Learn more at www.viriom.com.

July 2, 2019


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