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Bill Farley Named New CEO of ChemDiv

Bill Farley Named New CEO of ChemDiv

Veteran Pharma and Biotech Executive Bill Farley Named New CEO of ChemDiv 

"I am delighted to announce that I will be returning to ChemDiv as the CEO," said Bill Farley. "I will be assuming the reins from Ron Demuth who has done an amazing job over the last two decades. Leading the @ChemDiv team is a great source of pride for me, as we are uniquely positioned to work with biotech and pharma, providing capital efficient chem-bio platform solutions, timely execution and incredible multifaceted capabilities enabling modern drug discovery and development. Our talented team of scientists, in 5 R&D hubs on 3 continents, has a proven track record of impeccable execution connecting mechanism of action to drug the targeted disease, using our Hybrid AI/ML through de novo design. Our access to over 40 billion of feasible compounds and diligent work over 32 years has enabled the approval of 47 drugs that are on the market today for our partners and patients. Please let me know how we can contribute to your success. Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Fransico at #JPM and #ChemDiv."

About ChemDiv Inc:

ChemDiv is a globally recognized leader in drug discovery and development solutions, offering fully integrated R&D services to support pharmaceutical projects. With over three decades of experience, ChemDiv delivers leads, drug candidates, and new drugs across various therapeutic areas to partners worldwide.

For more information about ChemDiv visit www.chemdiv.com.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Bill Farley
CEO of ChemDiv

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