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ChemDiv Marks a Milestone

ChemDiv Marks a Milestone

ChemDiv Inc, a leading provider of drug discovery platforms and development solutions, celebrates a significant milestone in collaboration with Orionis Biosciences: the commencement of Phase I clinical trials for ORB-011, a cutting-edge attenuated, cis-targeted interferon immunotherapy compound.

ORB-011, a pioneering clinical candidate emerging from Orionis' innovative A-Kine® platform, is the culmination of rigorous research and development efforts facilitated by ChemDiv's robust covalent and bifunctional chem-bio arsenal. Engineered to exhibit highly selective, targeted activation of tumor-antigen-presenting cDC1 dendritic cells, ORB-011 leverages ChemDiv's expertise in warheads to optimize interferon's therapeutic potential while mitigating broad systemic activity and associated toxicities characteristic of traditional cytokine therapies.

"We take immense pride in our support of Orionis Biosciences' discovery and development, which has culminated in the advancement of ORB-011 into clinical trials," said ChemDiv's CEO, Bill Farley. "This marks a significant step in harnessing intrinsic immunobiology pharmacologically, and we are excited about the potential impact it may have on revolutionizing cancer therapeutics."

The initiation of Phase I clinical trials for ORB-011 is a significant milestone, underscoring the transformative potential of ChemDiv and Orionis Biosciences synergistic research, pushing the boundaries of collaborative drug discovery to improve patient outcomes in the fight against cancer.

About ChemDiv Inc:
ChemDiv is a globally recognized leader in drug discovery solutions, offering fully integrated R&D services to support pharmaceutical projects. With over three decades of experience, ChemDiv delivers leads, drug candidates, and new drugs across various therapeutic areas to partners worldwide.

For more information about ChemDiv visit www.chemdiv.com.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Bill Farley
CEO of ChemDiv


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