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Bayer has indicated its willingness to pay for one share of Monsanto $127,5

German chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer AG has raised the price on the purchase of the American manufacturer of herbicides and genetically modified seeds Monsanto up to $127,5. This follows from a press release published on the official website of the German company.

As noted in the statement, Bayer is ready to raise the price for the securities of the American company with the full merger. Thus, the German company enhances the value of one share $2.5. Themselves bilateral negotiations on the deal are in the “advanced” status, the report says.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that talks between the two companies is close to completion. As a result of the merger of the two companies can be formed the world’s largest producer of seeds and pesticides.

In July, Monsanto has rejected the proposal of Bayer on purchase over $65 billion and called it “financial inadequate”, reminds Reuters. Prior to that, Bayer AG was ready to raise another $40 billion for the purchase of Monsanto in addition to the already agreed $62 billion

As they say informed sources Bloomberg, Bayer is likely to refuse the name Monsanto after absorption. Thus in Bayer want to distance themselves from the reputation of the American company, which is often criticized for the production of products containing GMOs.

September 6, 2016

Source: http://sevendaynews.com/

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