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Latin America registers more cases of zika as PAHO intensifies research

The Minister of Public Health in Ecuador, Margarita Guevara, confirmed 17 cases of the zika virus in the country, as reported Xinhua Sunday.

Guevara advised women to postpone pregnancy, but added that Ecuador is "controlling and working" to stop the virus spreading to pregnant women by instructing medical centres to carry out ultrasounds and prioritise suspicious cases.

She added that no pregnant woman has been infected so far.

According to the World Health Organization there is 3893 suspected microcephaly cases in Brazil, the country most affected by the epidemic, which includes 49 deaths.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic confirmed its first 10 cases of the virus, noting that immediate countermeasures have been in place.

The Pan American Health Organization recently said it had chosen Nicaragua as its base to study the molecular structure of zika and take steps in the fight against its carrier, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

January 24th, 2016

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