The Abuse of Vitamin D Leads to the Destruction of Kidney

Doctors urged not to abuse the vitamin D. the Canadian researchers came to the conclusion that if you drink it without medical indications, it could lead to the destruction of the kidneys, says .

A striking example was the case of 54-year-old canadian. They found in his blood a high calcium and parathyrin (a hormone contributing to its conclusion). It turned out that a friend advised the man to take a vitamin for three years.

During the holidays he had a fever. He spent a lot of time on the beach, where the sun dose of vitamin D in the body increased significantly. Now a man is living with chronic kidney disease third stage.

Recall that vitamin D does not protect a person from developing diabetes. Three years, researchers monitored the condition of the participants and compared the occurrence of diabetes among them patients of the control group. By the end of the study, every fourth participant in both groups suffered from disease. The difference in age, gender and ethnicity did not affect the result. According to scientists, the development of diabetes of the second type can only slow down or prevent by changing habits and medications.

June 12, 2019

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