“MedImmune” brand to be retired as biologics integrate into AstraZeneca’s new R&D structure

February 14, 2019, Gaithersburg, Md., MedImmune today announced that its corporate brand will be retired as biologics are integrated into AstraZeneca’s two new research and development units.

On January 7, 2019, AstraZeneca announced organizational changes to support continued scientific innovation and commercial success as the company enters a new phase in its strategic development. This included the creation of Therapy area-focused Research and Development units that are responsible for discovery through to late-stage development - one for BioPharmaceuticals (Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism and Respiratory) and one for Oncology.

While the MedImmune name and logo will no longer be used, a proud legacy of scientific innovation remains, as does the entrepreneurial culture that MedImmune has stood for over its 30-year history. Today nearly half of the AstraZeneca pipeline is comprised of biologics, providing momentum for the company’s newly structured R&D units to continue to discover and develop life-changing treatments as a fully integrated organization.

External collaborations and partnerships held by MedImmune will continue.

The MedImmune website will be redirected to AstraZeneca.com and MedImmune social media properties will be discontinued. AstraZeneca social media properties will continue to carry news and updates about biologic pipeline advancements and scientific innovations. MedImmune communities and stakeholders can continue to expect to receive the same level of scientific updates on those channels. In addition, recruiting channels will remain active and visible via AstraZeneca to ensure prospective talent remains aware of opportunities.


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