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Dr Jim Golby reveals what makes the PharmaTimes Sales Awards such a unique challenge

The 2019 PharmaTimes Sales Awards have been enhanced to deliver a clinical, innovative and rigorous judging process to help further develop healthcare sales professionals.

Dr Jim Golby PhD FCIPD, outlines the high calibre of sales professionals who compete in this prestigious competition, saying:

“The candidates will compete against their peers from across the industry, importantly all of whom will have been selected to participate by their own company as examples of their very own top performers”.

Jim is one of the co-chairs of the Executive Steering Group and has driven changes to revitalise the competition. He believes that the new process “is a challenging, rigorous and innovative multi-facetted benchmarking process, including assessing direct feedback from 'real life’ customers”.

How to enter:

Candidates will supply details of five healthcare professionals who would be able to provide feedback to support their entry.

Judges will contact those HCP’s and their feedback will be turned into an initial evaluation score based on set criteria.

Those judged to have the highest scores will progress onto the live finals day and will compete head-to-head against their fellow sales professionals.

Candidates must receive full endorsement from their company before their entry is accepted.

Jim further highlighted how the competition can offer winners the recognition and reward that will set them in a league above other sales professionals, saying how “confident” and “proud” they should be to “have successfully traversed an exacting methodology designed to truly recognise that they are amongst the very best of the best”.

“What could be more rewarding and career impactful than being identified as one of the very best performers in the Pharma Industry today?”

The live finals day will invite candidates to complete a written test and then compete head-to-head in a real life challenge against their fellow sales professionals; testing their communication, presentation, and creative skills.

All finalists will receive expert feedback on their performance from our judges, which could prove to play a pivotal role in further enhancing their development within the sales industry. Winners will also receive a coveted pharma trophy for their efforts to showcase how they marked their name in sales history.

If you have approval from your company then don’t hesitate any further - enter now! Alternatively, if you manage a sales team and want to put forward your best sales personnel, then nominate them via our online form.

Feel free to contact us via email or telephone for more information on the entry process or how to put your team forward.

29th April 2019


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