New data back long-term use of Novartis' Aimovig in migraine

New real-world data for Novartis' Aimovig (erenumab) published in Neurology support the long-term safety and efficacy of the drug among chronic and episodic migraine patients.

Interim exploratory results from the real-world TELESCOPE study, conducted with 109 patients in Germany, showed that 80% of patients taking Aimovig reported a reduction of migraine intensity and 92% had fewer attacks, with an average reduction of eight monthly migraine days (MMD).

Interim results from the real-world PERISCOPE study in 19,740 migraine patients, including 91 patients taking Aimovig with an overall mean disease duration of 18 years, showed that 85% of patients taking Aimovig could cope better with daily activities. Importantly, 83% lost fewer days to migraine since starting the treatment.

Also, results from a 4.5-year interim analysis of the open-label treatment phase of the Phase II clinical trial in patients with episodic migraine showed that long-term treatment with the drug resulted in sustained reductions in MMD. Patients with episodic migraine who switched from 70mg to 140mg and remained on 140mg at ≥4 years, had an average of 5.8 fewer MMD compared with study baseline (8.7 MMD).

“These newly shared data reinforce Novartis' commitment to reimagine migraine care and add to the growing body of real world and long-term evidence demonstrating the efficacy of Aimovig for migraine prevention across the migraine spectrum,” said Estelle Vester-Blokland, global head Neuroscience Medical Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

“Novartis and Amgen are proud to lead the way based on the vast breadth of experience with Aimovig in showing how patients can take their life back from this highly debilitating disease.”

Aimovig is the first EMA, Swissmedic, Australian TGA and FDA-approved migraine prevention treatment designed specifically to block the CGRP-R, which plays a critical role in migraine. The drug is co-marketed in the US by Amgen and Novartis.

17th April 2020

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