Relief Therapeutics seeks U.S. emergency approval for drug against COVID-19

ZURICH (Reuters) - Relief Therapeutics said on Wednesday it and U.S. partner NeuroRx asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval for a drug it aims to repurpose against COVID-19, citing a 51-person study the Swiss drugmaker said showed the medicine helped sick patients.

Aviptadil | C147H237N43O43S - PubChem

“Patients treated with RLF-100 demonstrated a 3-fold advantage in survival, recovery from respiratory failure, and other parameters indicative of meaningful clinical improvement,” the company said in a statement, adding the request, if granted, would make the drug -- previously used against conditions including erectile dysfunction -- available to those in intensive care who have exhausted all approved treatments.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

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