Macrocycles Library

Growing interest towards medium- and large-sized macrocycles closely linked with the field of protein-protein interactions (PPI) as promising therapeutics targets.
ChemDiv used two methodologies for design and synthesis of macrocyclic peptidomimetic library.
One of them includes ring expansion employing Bormann-Wasserman strategy (BWS) and allows synthesising 10-12-membered lactams. This gives us access to unique functionally enriched , spiro and fused scaffolds.
The other one is based on click-macrocyclization of linear peptidomimetics bearing acetylene and azide functionalities at the ends to provide 14-22 membered macrocyclic peptidomimetics.
That allowed us to obtain novel, diverse set of macrocyclic scaffolds and over 3000 stock available molecules, potential PPI modulators.

Macrocycles Library

3,300 Compounds

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macrocycles library

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