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Anticancer Library

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ChemDiv’s vast collection of anticancer agents comprises 65,000 compounds.

This chemical compound library, boasting an impressive collection of anticancer compounds, is distinguished by its extensive variety and targeted focus. It comprises 3,400 unique scaffolds and 946 distinct heterocycles, reflecting a rich diversity in its molecular structures. The library's diversity coefficient is 0.8, spread across 10,426 screens, indicating a broad spectrum of potential applications in cancer research. This extensive array of compounds allows for a comprehensive exploration of various biochemical interactions, making it a valuable resource for identifying novel anticancer agents.

The library covers a wide range of target spaces crucial in cancer therapy, including kinases like BTK, BCR, ACK1, ALK, Src, AXL, Jak, PAK1, PIM, AKT, among others. It also encompasses key players in epigenetics such as KDM2-6, KDMs, DNMTs, HDACs, SIRTs, and others. Furthermore, the collection addresses various signaling pathways integral to cancer biology, including PI3K/AKT/mTOR, NFAT, RAS/Raf, and Jak/STAT, alongside other protein-protein interaction (PPI) associated targets. This comprehensive target range positions the library as a crucial tool in uncovering new therapeutic avenues.

The potential of this anticancer library in drug discovery projects is immense. Its extensive diversity and targeted approach make it an ideal starting point for identifying and developing new anticancer drugs. Researchers can explore a multitude of molecular pathways and interactions, increasing the likelihood of discovering effective treatments for various types of cancer. As such, this library is not just a repository of compounds but a gateway to innovative cancer therapies, offering hope and new possibilities in the ongoing battle against cancer.

Key facts about the anticancer library:

Number of Scaffolds: 3400

Unique Heterocycles: 946

Diversity Coefficient / Screens 0.8 / 10426

Target space includes:

1) Kinases (BTK, BCR, ACK1, ALK, Src, AXL, Jak, PAK1, PIM, AKT)

2) Epigenetic (KDM2-6, KDMs, DNMTs, HDACs, SIRTs)

3) Signaling Pathways (PI3K/AKT/mTOR, NFAT, RAS/Raf, Jak/STAT)

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