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Autophagy-Targeted Library

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ChemDiv’s Autophagy-Targeted Library contains 4,550 compounds.

•Maintenance of cellular homeostasis by lysosome-dependent mechanism of intracellular degradation
•Can be induced by diverse stimulations: reactive oxygen species, hypoxia impairments, subcellular organelle damages, protein aggregation
•Dysregulation of authophagy is closely related to a vast number of human diseases: cancer, neurodegeneration, infection, cardiovascular disorders, metabolic diseases, pulmonary diseases, aging
•Both up- and down-regulation of autophagy is protective against cancer, neurodegeneration, infectious diseases and ischaemic insult in the heart

Targets space includes ROS, VPS34, Mitophagy, AMPK, mTORC1, MAPK, BCEN1 and others.
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