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Eccentric PPI Library

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Nature “sees” molecules as 3D surfaces of chemical information. Therefore the biological activity of any given molecule is intrinsically dependent upon its 3D shape
Diversity of PPI Library
The molecular shape diversity of a small molecule library is the most fundamental indicator of overall functional diversity
Although the term “diversity” is somewhat subjective, there are six principle components of structural diversity that have been consistently identified in the literature
1) Scaffold diversity - presence of a range of distinct molecular scaffolds;
2) Functional group diversity - variation in the functional groups present;
3) Appendage diversity (substituent or building-block diversity) - variation in structural moieties around a common scaffold;
4) Stereochemical diversity - variation in the orientation of potential macromolecule- interacting elements;
5) Conformational diversity - variation of possible conformers of molecules;
6) Chain diversity – presence of different distinct chains (especially if scaffold is not determined uniquely)


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