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Product name
211,413 compounds
PPI Library is a set of small-molecule modulators that have been designed for disrupting PPI and reducing its drawbacks.
29,185 compounds
Small-molecule compounds that can be used in GPCR drug discovery. Dysregulation of these receptors causes diabetes, CNS disorders.
6,767 compounds
Set of RAR receptor antagonists. The retinoic acid receptor is a type of nuclear receptor which can also act as a transcription factor.
5,000 compounds
Carbonic anhydrase II library is a set of compounds belonging to the sulfonamides, mercaptans and phenols aimed at modulating of Carbonic anhydrase II activity
19,626 compounds
Adenosine Receptors Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule ligands. They can be used for treating neurodegeneration diseases.
2,123 compounds
Small-molecule compounds that mimic the action of protein and modulates PPI.
4,003 compounds
Small molecules that can inhibit NOTUM thus potentially treating diseases caused by dysregulation of Wnt signaling.
7,123 compounds
Set of GABA receptor antagonists. These drug-like compounds inhibit the action of GABA and produce stimulant and convulsant effects.
15,080 compounds
Molecules from c-Met Library target receptor tyrosine kinase. It prevents binding hepatocyte growth factor with c-Met which can lead to cancer.
4,244 compounds
Androgen Receptor Antagonists Library is a set of non-steroidal small molecules for prostate cancer treatment.
27,102 compounds
PRMT Library is set of small-molecule compounds with reported affinity against cancer-assosiated PRMTs.
20,989 compounds
Epitranscriptome Focused Small Molecule Library modulates the activity of proteins involving in aberrant RNA modification.
3,765 compounds
RPTP Targeted Library is small-molecule inhibitors. Disruption of protein tyrosine phosphorylation contributes to a variety of human diseases.
9,769 compounds
Set of small-molecule HDAC inhibitors. HDAC regulate gene expression and its inhibitors act against cancers, neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.
4,768 compounds
Glucocorticoid Receptors Library is small-molecule selective modulators of GR which regulates gene transcription.
36,711 compounds
Small molecules that mimic the action of peptides thus modulating PPI. Protein secondary structures are targets for mimicry.
24,737 compounds
Alpha-Helix Mimetics Library is a set of peptidomimetics. Alpha-helices are key recognition elements of protein secondary structure.
3,271 compounds
Purinergic Library is a set of purinergic receptor antagonists. Such antagonists are used for thrombosis and stroke treatment.
68,388 compounds
PPI Helix Turn 3D Mimetics Library was designed on sp3-enriched scaffolds that mimic key recognition elements of protein secondary structure.
4,805 compounds
MEF2-HDAC (class II) Modulators Library is a set of drug-like compounds aimed at modulating PPI of MEF2 with HDAC involved in physiological processes.
597 compounds
TLR-8 Ligands Library is a set of small-molecule TLR-8 agonists. They can be used in adjuvantation research and for the treatment of ovarian cancer.
5,430 compounds
Bromodomain Modulators Library is a set of drug-like compounds aimed at modulating PPI of bromodomain-containing proteins with other vital proteins.
18,417 compounds
Library contains nonpeptide small-molecules that inhibit PPI. They are structural mimetics to target proteins.
21,144 compounds
MDM2-p53 Interaction Inhibitors Library is a set of drug-like compounds aimed at modulating PPI of MDM2 with p53 involved in tumorigenesis.
23,943 compounds
Recognition Elements PPI Library includes conformationally constrained analogues of bioactive peptides: gamma-, beta-turns, dipeptide mimetics.
2,335 compounds
Macrocycles Library is a set of macrocyclic peptidomimetics that are potential PPI modulators. It is unique spiro and fused scaffolds.
44,952 compounds
Anti-Aging Library is small molecules targeting cellular pathways and biological targets that are implicated in aging.
5,886 compounds
SH2 PTB domains Focused Library is a set of inhibitors. SH2 and PTB are small protein modules that mediate PPIs involved in signal transduction pathways.
11,568 compounds
Bcl2 PPI Inhibitors Library is small molecules that inhibit regulators of programmed cell death.
25,883 compounds
Focused Epigenetics Library is a set of small-molecule modulators that target epigenetic proteins.
2,800 compounds
Neuropeptide S Library is a set of small-molecule NPSR ligands. They can be used in psychiatric disorders treatment as anxiolytics and analgesics.
23,722 compounds
PPI Tripeptide Mimetics Library is small-molecule PPI inhibitors that mimic significant endogenous tripeptides.
9,487 compounds
Set of PPI modulators. Cyclic lactam amides result from the Ugi reaction of bifunctional keto carboxylic acids.
10,440 compounds
SH2 Domain Library is a set of inhibitors. SH2 are modular units, which bind to tyrosyl-phosphorylated peptide on their target protein mediating PPI.
18,150 compounds
Chemokine Receptor Targeted Library is a set of small-molecule ligands. Modulation of chemokine receptor is used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
12,103 compounds
Eccentric PPI Library is a set of unusual ring systems (scaffolds) that lie outside the field of (hetero)aromatic systems.
20,563 compounds
Spiro Library is a set of scaffolds with twisted structure of two or more rings for the design of new therapeutic agents.
9196 compounds
Privileged Fragments Annotated library contains 190k elements of 23 classes
3,055 compounds
Selective small-molecule PDZ inhibitors. They help to overcome drawbacks of PPI.


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